Big MO Movers & Packers



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Moving Service

Light Move      = 1-3 rooms 2nd floor of less              $65/hour

Medium Move = 1-6 rooms any floor                          $85/hour

Heavy Move    = 7 or more rooms any floor                $105/hour

$20 surcharge on moves


Mileage rates

Local               = 5-25      miles $0.75

Intermediate    = 26-50    miles $1.25

Cross Country = 0ver 50 miles $1.50.                  Surcharge $100


Delivery Charge- Pickup from retail

Local             = Under 10 miles $35

Intermediate  = 10-20 miles $55





Packing Service

Why take days off of work to pack a whole house; when we can be at your service? We make sure your items are  properly packed and well preserved, so we can ensure your items make it to the new location in great shape.


We have at least two personnel that will pack all your items to your satisfaction. And the goal is to have a house completely pack within 3 hours. Depending on the size of the house extra personnel may be needed.


Rates Start at $200

College Moves

Going off to or coming home from college? Don't know how you are going to transport your belongings? If your campus is within 300 miles from Chicago, we can help with that.


How does this work?

We gather multiple students, who are traveling in the same direction and take all their belonging as one load.

For example: Brain from Schaumburg going off to Norte Dame, Lilian from Sauk Village going off to University of Michigan, and Greg from Rogers Park going off to Ohio State University. We will load all  their items in one truck load and deliver to each campus.


Rates Start at $100